The Texarkana area often sees a spike in 911 calls during July 4th celebrations. To address this, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department (TAPD) is launching its "Safe Celebration Initiative." Partnering with the Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the Miller County Sheriff's Office, TAPD aims to ensure the community enjoys a happy and safe holiday.

Officers, deputies, troopers, and wildlife officers will be conducting what they call "saturation patrols," using historical data, as shown below, to target areas with the highest past call volumes. This proactive approach aims to reduce incidents and improve safety. Last year's initiative was highly successful, resulting in a 56.9% decrease in 911 calls for firework complaints and shots fired in targeted areas, and a citywide decrease of 27.8%.

This year, TAPD hopes to improve on these results. The initiative will focus on areas identified through five years of historical data, as shown in the "heat map" below. This data includes disturbances, fireworks complaints, shots fired, and noise complaints.

Heat Map - TAPD
Heat Map - TAPD

Any unsafe or illegal activities will be swiftly addressed. The discharge of fireworks or firearms within city limits violates the City's Code of Ordinances and can lead to serious criminal charges, such as Terroristic Act, Criminal Mischief, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of an Instrument of Crime.

Residents are encouraged to celebrate responsibly and report any unsafe activities. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and its partners are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable July 4th for all.

For more information, contact TAPD.

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