Here's some great news for future tenants at TexAmericas Center in Texarkana. As we already know, they own and operate the 5th top-ranked industrial park in the United States just announced that it is launching a program that will improve its speed-to-market and speed-to-profit for companies that are interested in relocating to its 12,000-acre development.

With the Qualified Sites Program (QSP) has an on-staff Professional Engineer (PE) and economic development professional, that will guide and help a company with knowledge of what it may need and how suited it is for industrial or commercial development. Things like proximity to infrastructure; utilities, soil condition and more.
The results will then be available, for free, to any interested prospect.

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This program will help developers, property owners, real estate professionals, along with economic development and business communities understand that TexAmericas Center’s pre-qualified sites are ready for immediate development.

Scott Norton the TexAmericas Center CEO stated in a press release;

Our Qualified Sites program has been years in the making. We were using this information internally and decided for the efficiency of not only our staff, but for the broader business community, we would create a process that could be
documented and qualify sites ourselves. Now, when prospective tenants, commercial real estate agents and site search consultants come to us, we have answers that are ready and can be handed over easily.

The QSP will save time and money for the business that are looking at the possibility of relocating to the TexAmericas Center.


You can find out more about the Qualified Sites Program and see the reports be sure to visit

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