We're just a little over a month away from what Texarkana is calling Solarbration 2024. Just keep praying the skies will be clear so we can all get a good look at this rare event. Now, can we get a little personal here? Have you secured your viewing glasses yet? If the day comes and you're not prepared, we have some alternative ways to view the eclipse right here. Just trying to help.

There are actually many ways to do this, below are some simple yet, very effective means of viewing the eclipse without those special specs. All it took was a quick search on YouTube.com for "viewing an eclipse" and tons of these examples came up. After spending a little time watching quite a few of these, here are some that I thought were pretty simple to build and most are easy enough that your kids should be able to do it almost unsupervised. Depending on your kids of course.

DIY: Eclipse Viewing Without Those Special Glasses

Just click on the pic to open the YouTube video.

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

If these don't work for you there are a ton more, simply click on this YouTube Search and find one you like.

Check out all of the places where you can get viewing glasses.

For more information about local plans for this event, go to SolarbrationTXK.com.

Be safe... do not look directly at the sun with your naked eyes... Happy viewing!

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