Your house can be the showstopper on the block with the right equipment and a few hours of work on your lawn.

Eye-catching patterns mowed into lawns have become popular thanks to a series of recent tutorials shared on social media.

Some of these patterns were only thought to be part of designs at golf courses and on sports fields. Now, they are being used as landscaping elements in residential areas.

Viral Decorative Mowing Videos

Watching decorative mowing videos can be a guilty pleasure even if you don't live somewhere with a spacious lawn. There's just something about turning plain, green grass into art.

Chase Stetson has amassed huge social media following thanks to his lawn mowing videos. The self-proclaimed "lawn dude" shares videos showing how he mows intricate patterns into his customers' yards.

Here are a few designs you can try so your lawn stands out:

Ocean Waves
Football Field Stripes
Choppy Waves
Two White, One Dark Striped Pattern

Do People Pay Extra For Exotic Lawn Patterns?

Stetson not only has generated a massive social media following, but he also has a growing customer base for his lawn services. He admits in his videos that he does charge by the hour, so he certainly doesn't mind taking a few extra passes across the yard when mowing intricate patterns.

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Many of his customers are in residential areas. He also has a few customers with lawns that he says look great on videos, which helps his social media game.

It's paying off. Earlier this year, Stetson was contacted on Instagram by rapper Rick Ross who wanted him to come to his Atlanta mansion to create a work of lawn art for an upcoming car show.

This was Stetson's largest job yet with the rapper's property stretching across 300 acres. The design took four and a half days and more than 65 gallons of fuel.

Stetson called the job "the most stressful mow of my life." If you try this at your own home, you might want to start small before trying to tackle 300 acres.

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