Shocking allegations have emerged from Ye's sexual harassment lawsuit filed by ex-assistant, including that the rapper's ex-assistant was trapped in a room while he pleasured himself.

Details Emerge in Ye Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

On Sunday (June 9), XXL obtained the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Ye's ex-assistant Lauren Pisciotta against the rap mogul. Pisciotta claims Ye offered her a $1 million salary to come and work for him and delete her OnlyFans account, which she did in June of 2021. Shortly afterward, she claims Ye began to sexually harrrass her.

The Allegations:

  • Ye allegedly often sent Pisciotta videos of himself having sex. He would also send her extremely sexual text messages: "See my problem is I be wanting to f**k but then after I f**k I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f**ked while I'm f**king them," one of the texts allegedly read. "Then I want her to cheat on me."
  • The rap mogul would also lay out sexual fantasies in his text messages: "Is my d**k racist? It is. This f**king racist d**k of mine," Ye allegedly wrote in another text. "I going to beat this f**king racist d**k for being f**king racist. I'm going to stare at pictures of White women with Black a*ses and beat the s**t out of my racist d**k...Beating the s**t out of this big Black c**k."
  • Ye would often compliment Pisciotta in sexual ways, including saying things like the sound of her voice turned him on. Ye also was obsessed with the penis sizes of Pisciotta's boyfriends, and would often ask her to deliver "honey" to him. The honey was a "sexual enhancement and performance honey."
  • Pisciotta claimed she was tasked with finding women for Ye and his wife Bianca Censori to sleep with. Pisciotta often had to coordinate Uber rides for said women: "On one such occasion, in August 2022, after Plaintiff had arranged an Uber ride, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye and Bianca Censori called Plaintiff wanting to discuss the orgy [five-some] they had participated in the day before," the suit reads.
  • Ye also would allegedly ask Censori to perform sexual favors for him and his friends. "In August 2022 at the Yeezy/Gap office, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye required Plaintiff to remove her cardigan while she was in the office because he said 'it was covering too much," the suit reads. "Later that evening at the office, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye asked Bianca Censori and other female guests to perform oral sex on him and his male guests in the office changing room. During this same time period, Kanye West a.k.a. Ye asked design assistants at the Yeezy/Gap office why Plaintiff would not want to have sex with him. Defendant was extremely upset and angry that Plaintiff would date or have sex with someone else, but not him."
  • Back in 2022, Pisciotta said in the lawsuit she was on a flight with Ye and his employees on the way to the Yeezy Fashion Show in Paris. West allegedly texted her asking for a "hug," which Pisciotta claimed elsewhere in the suit was Ye's way of asking for sexual favors. When Pisciotta declined the "hug," Ye asked her if he could speak with her privately in his room. Once inside the room, which allegedly couldn't be opened from the inside, Ye masturbated under the covers of his bed before falling asleep. Pisciotta sat across from him in a chair.
  • Ye would often lie about having had sex with Pisciotta, boasting to his friends about it while she was in earshot. "[West] also falsely boated that he had sex with [Pisciotta] or would insinuate to his friends, business partners, and music and fashion collaborators that he was having sex with [her]," the suit reads.
  • The mogul allegedly asked to have sex with Pisciotta after following her to the restroom during a work dinner. Ye also asked to have a threesome with her, and once FaceTimed her at home with a friend to ask if she could have phone sex with his friend.
  • The suit claims that Ye asked Pisciotta to come to his hotel room in Malibu, Calif. to "fix his Netflix account" but that he tried to convince her to have sex with him. "West asked [Pisciotta] to come to his hotel (Nobu in Malibu, California) because [he] said he needed [her] to fix his Netflix account,' the lawsuit read. "Once [Pisciotta] arrived, [West] admitted that [he] had [her] come to his hotel because he wanted a hug for his birthday."
  • Pisciotta was fired from her role in October of 2022. The suit claims that Ye began stalking her, and even moved into the building where she lived after she was terminated.

West has denied all the allegations against him via his attorney Brian Brumfield. In a statement from his lawyers shared with XXL, Brumfield said Pisciotta was the one who initiated sex with the mogul, and that she often acted unprofessionally, which prompted her termination.

"During her employment, Ms. Pisciotta offered Ye sex on his birthday to which he declined, sent Ye unsolicited nude images, sexual narratives and was seen twerking in the office during business hours," the statement reads in part.

Pisciotta claims she was fired in October of 2022, and that Ye said he'd pay her a $3 million severance. She says she accepted but never received it. Pisciotta is suing Ye for breach of contract, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and a hostile work environment.

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