The Game claims Rick Ross has a diss track ready for him but he's too scared to release it.

Game Claims Rick Ross Recorded Diss Track But Fears Releasing It

On Saturday (May 11), The Game posted on his Instagram page an image of the cover art for his Rick Ross diss track, "Freeway's Revenge," which he dropped last Friday (May 10). Along with the image, which can be viewed below, the Compton, Calif. rapper shared a message directed at Ross, slamming the Miami bawse for not releasing a response song.

"The cereal killer [duck emoji]'n this real smoke. Scared to drop that nursery rhyme you recorded the other night I see lol," The Game wrote. F**k it, a quick W for the home team & some real rap for the fans playlist."

"Posting very attainable cereal bowls, bottled up dog piss & crouching by cars like that’s gone get you outta this a*s whoopin'. IT AINT !!! & for rap fans worldwide," he continued. "Thing about most these rap n***as y’all idolize is…. they pick & choose who they diss very carefully. End of the day, ALL the n***as in this s**t know what I'm capable of especially when it's time to go bar for bar. The real 'Rick Ross' @freewayricky this one was for you big homie [100 emoji]."

Chuck Taylor concluded: "[And] as for chicken legs: you can't whoop my a*s or out rap me so… post all the cars, n fake watches you want to.. the real fans see through you & that Widebach Music s**t!!! You can't run from this s**t. S**t, you can't run period… human capri sun pouch body shaped n***a you."

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The Game Disses Ross on "Freeway's Revenge," Ross Responds

The Game's angry message is in response to Rick Ross' dismissive IG post at the West Coast rhymer on Friday (May 10). In his post, which can be viewed below, Rozay is photographed posing next to a vintage blood red Chevrolet Impala vehicle. In the caption, Ross quoted a lyric from Game's 2005 song "Hate It or Love It," which ironically features both of their rap rival 50 Cent.

"Hate It or Love It The underdog on top [100 emoji]," he wrote.

On "Freeway's Revenge," which can be heard below, The Game goes off on Rick Ross and slanders his good name throughout the four-minute diss.

"Cut open his stomach and stuff bricks in it/Put his body on a scale like there's fish in it," he rhymes. "I can see a b***h in him/$20 million home renovation, just to slit your wrists in it suicide/It's a suicide, rip apart the Maybach, I know the truth's inside."

The song's title refers to Game's retaliation against Ross for using the real-life name Ricky Donnell "Freeway Rick" Ross, a notorious Los Angeles drug kingpin. Freeway sued Ross for copyright infringement twice, in 2010 and 2012, but lost in both cases. In a 2013 lawsuit, Freeway added Warner Music Group as litigants, but the court ruled in Ross' favor, citing his First Amendment right.

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