Justin went on his first Press Junket last week and got dissed by the Foxx. Watch his story here.

The undisputed heavyweight champion and judge on FOX's "Superhuman," Mike Tyson called the show!

Listeners called in for "Father's Day Fails." And what could be worse than forgetting to tell your father on Father's Day, "Happy Father's Day!"

An old KiddNation favorite was spotted at the Metallica concert, Rhonda from Pot Luck!


  • Macklemore joins the show at 8:20 am CT!
  • You can call in for "Does That Make Me Crazy?"
  • We will give you everything you need to know about tonight's episode of The Bachelorette!

Kellie Rasberry from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show gave her advice on settling in relationships. Is it ever a good idea? KiddNation.com

J-Si from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show spent his Father's Day flying indoors... his 3-year-old daughter seems to already be a pro. KiddNation.com

KiddNation's Big Al Mack can't decide what to wear to Kellie Rasberry's wedding, but she gave some advice on what not to wear. KiddNation.com



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