Official Kidd Nation DJ Callen helped us start our Friday the right way with some jams by Flushin' the Format!
We opened up those phone lines to find out what you feel good about and we played two more rounds of Beat the Bank, too!

Plus, Producer Nick joined us in studio to bring back the Shout Out game, and to share some big, exciting news that he's been hiding from us. If you missed any of it, head over to!

If you missed any of the interview with JoJo this week, we have the video for you below.



We're still playing Beat the Bank! Make sure you're signed up online and listen in when we announce the names at 7:20 and 8:20 CT for your chance to win!

Kellie is heading to Vegas to celebrate her birthday in a way that is "Larger Than Life!" We'll hear all about her trip and, of course, the backstage Backstreet Boys experience next week!

And, we get to talk to Charlie Puth on Monday at 7:45 CT. Don't miss it!


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