There are over 1,200 National Days and TODAY is one of the best ones. Happy National Oreo Cookie Day to everyone across the nation. And thank God for the lovely soul who left a pack of Oreos in the break room today!

March 6 is a day we raise our milk glasses and toast to 106 years of Oreo bliss as we get chocolate sandwich cookie wasted!  Let's be honest, as kiddie as they may be, we look forward to these  food-based holidays, because they typically mean we get to pick up some freebies. This year, however, the brand is not giving away milk and cookies. Instead, it’s promoting its new Oreo chocolate candy. If you can get passed not getting the instant gratification we love and look forward to from food, fill out this Oreo Birthday Giveaway Form, and you will receive a coupon in the mail for a free Oreo candy bar later this month.

As for me however, I need my immediate Oreo Cookie fix minus the milk. So, ya know where I'm headed when I get off work today? Straight to the nearest Family Dollar to get my own personal package of Oreo Cookie Thins- Same great taste minus the guilt.

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