As a little girl, I can remember standing in front of the TV...comatose... could not move. My eyes were glued on Micheal Jackson and his every move! 

I can honestly say that I have been a true MJ fan all my life. Through the Pepsi commercial mishaps to Bubble's BFF shenanigans down to the very random marriage and divorce to Lisa Mari Presley. I have loved me some King of Pop!

My absolute favorite performance of all times is the Motown 25 performance on May 16, 1983. On this night, Michael Jackson introduced the world to the moon walk! Check it out below.

Below are my top 5 favorite Michael Jackson videos.






From Jackson 5 nostrils to the pointy nose we all know he didn't come here with.... From the throwback curl to the silky straight perm... NO ONE can deny his talent and what he did for the music industry and world, in general. One man completely revolutionized music and blurred the lines of pop and R&B. We appreciate you sharing your gift with generations throughout the world. Happy heavenly birthday to the one and only King of Pop!


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