Another day, another Twitter debate. On Saturday (April 28), the Shade Room posted video (see above) of KeKe Wyatt performing an impressive vocal run during her rendition of the Patti LaBelle classic “If Only You Knew.”

It is one of Wyatt’s favorite songs to perform as it shows her exceptional vocal abilities and, honors her idol Ms. Patti at the same time. It’s the highlight of all her concert performances.

On Twitter, Wyatt’s powerful vocal performance generated multiple reactions from fans. Some people were debating on whose the better singer -- Wyatt or Beyoncé? Others started posting their lists of the most underrated female singers in R&B, which included Wyatt, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, Jill Scott and more. Other folks criticized Wyatt for singing “If Only You Knew” for the upteenth time at her shows and urged her to pick another song.

"She may have been singing the same song for the past 15 years but to say that KeKe Wyatt can’t sing is nothing but a bold face lie," tweeted one fan.

Another user wrote, "Beyonce's cult trying to discredit KeKe Wyatt vocals because she's not topping charts or selling out stadiums. Beyonce does all that and more but it's PLENTY of women who still sing better than her."

Finally, one person tweeted, "No shade to Keke Wyatt but she been performing the same song since I been in high school and I left that bitch 4 years ago...girl it’s time for a new set list make some good music or something be real."

Check out the multiple reactions to KeKe Wyatt's vocal performance below.

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