The woman at the center of the Kevin Hart cheating scandal has been revealed. According to TMZ, the alleged mistress is Montia Sabbag, also known as Montiah Sabagg, who lives in Long Beach, Calif. The 27-year-old reportedly is a traveling stripper.

Sabbag is allegedly the woman in the video with Hart. She met the comedian in Las Vegas back in August, the same time the footage was recorded. As we previously reported, the tape is 4 minutes and 47 seconds long and shows a bedroom where two people are having sex on a bed - although you can’t see them - and you hear a slap. In another clip, you see two people, which looks like Hart and Sabbag, in various stages of undress.

Sabbag denies any involvement in shooting the video or the failed extortion attempt for money. The FBI is currently investigating the case and are tracking down more people who were present when the video was made. They are also encrypting e-mails to find out the identity of the alleged extortionist, who reportedly tried to get at least one media outlet to pay $15 million for the highly-produced video.

Since the scandal broke, Sabbag has hired an attorney who said that she would sit for a lie detector test if Hart paid her $420,000.

In the end, this is one big mess for Hart. A source told has told TMZ, that the comedian has talked with two investigators over the phone with hopes to identify the extortionist(s).

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