Today on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show:

Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch joined us this morning to talk about her new show, Angel from Hell!

We thought we found one of the Power Ball winners, we didn't. But, if you missed the hilarious #FirstWorldProblem that brought us to that potential discovery, check it out on

Everyone has a dream and sometimes you need a little help along the way to make it come true. That’s where we come in, tell us your dream and how we can help make it happen on!​


  • Tomorrow is Friday so we will start the show in our favorite way, with Flush the Format!
  • Hear what happened on the red carpet with John Krasinski for the world premiere of his new movie 13 Hours!
  • And, Marlon Wayans will stop by the studio tomorrow to talk about his new movie coming out, 50 Shades of Black.
  • Plus, we will make another dream come true for a lucky member of Kidd Nation!


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