It's the Thursday Kidd Kraddick Morning Show:

Rachel Platten joined us on last year’s Kidd’s Kids trip and she called us with this morning with an update!

It's hard to cope with First World Problems, so we opened up the phone lines this morning to let you vent about your touch technology gloves not working perfectly.

Jerry Springer stopped by the studio this morning for his annual chat with us. If you missed our interview with him and all of his jokes, check it out below!


  • We'll kick off the show the only way we know how on a Friday morning... With Flush the Format, baby!
  • We will talk to our Big Break winner, Cheyenne Goss, after American Idol airs tonight!
  • Plus, actor Taylor Kinney joins the show to chat about his new movie, The Forest, at 7:50 CT.


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