Today on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show:

Jerry Rasberry called us back to reveal our next stop on the #RasberryRoadtrip, so get ready Augusta, Georgia, we are headed for you!!

We opened up our phone lines to allow you to vent about your First World Problems. Don't you hate when your manicure is fresh and you can't pick your nose? Check out the cast is broke video below.


  • Michael Johnson is one of the fastest and most decorated Olympians of all time and he helps make a dream come true for a very lucky member of Kidd Nation at 7:30!
  • We will find out the next stop on our road trip to South Carolina! Tell us where you want us to stop using the #RasberryRoadtrip!
  • Plus, tomorrow is Friday so that means one thing... Flush the Format, baby!

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