On the Tuesday Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Elena had a serious #GirlProblem over the weekend that cost her $250.We figured Kidd Nation probably has a few of them, too!

We took calls this morning to find out. Don't you hate when your favorite lipstick color is discontinued?

Jenna announced our photo theme for today's #KiddNationVMA challenge and, its beef. Get creative with your post and don't forget to add the hashtag and you and a guest may be on the way to see the MTV VMAs!

Not only is it Tuesday, but it's Tinder Tuesday and we celebrated appropriately by having "Selfie Queen," Elena Davies, join the show and catch us up on all things Tinder-related.

Big Al got another rock star to call the show this morning for the Rock Star Challenge. So far, he is up by 2 to win the rock star suite at the Hard Rock Vallarta on family vacation.

Did you hear about the broken printer? Find out who broke it in the video below.

On The Wednesday Show:

  • It's not too late to submit a Love Letter to Kellie, head to kiddnation.com and she may answer yours on the air tomorrow!
  • We may have another rock star call the show tomorrow for the Rock Star Challenge. Any guesses on who it could be?
  • Make sure to tune in tomorrow so you don't miss the Kidd Nation VMA photo challenge theme!! All you have to do is post a photo related to that theme and hashtag, #KiddNationVMA for a chance to win a trip to the MTV VMAs.

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