Looking for something fun for the kids to do? Actually it's kinda fun for us adults too. 'Bear Hunts' are popping up in neighborhoods all across the country. It's a simple concept and it's fun for kids.

Put a teddy bear in a window of your home. Then when families go for a car ride or take walks in your neighborhood during this time of quarantine, they can 'hunt' for the bears. See how many you can find in your area.

The idea was inspired by the children's book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' you can check out the video below. But Dang! Be warned the story is kinda scary. I prefer to just play the neighborhood game!

I usually take an afternoon walk in my neighborhood and yesterday I started hunting for bears. I found 4 in my neighborhood. After my walk, I went an dug out my old stuffed animals (yes I still have some) and I found my old Teddy Bear and put it in a window. Then I realized I also had an old Paddington Bear. Now that one is in a window too.

It's actually pretty funny to spot them. Someone in our neighborhood had two bears standing facing each other as if they were having a conversation.

Get that teddy bear out over the weekend and put it in a window so kids can go bear hunting! Remember to practice social distancing!

Just a warning this story below is kinda scary!

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