Lauryn Hill is facing legal action from a former musician who once worked with the veteran rapper.

According to TMZ, trombone player Matthew Hartnett is suing L-Boogie for loss of wages after he was fired. The musician claims in his lawsuit that he worked with Ms. Hill in the studio during the summer of 2016, and shortly thereafter was offered a 10-week contract to join her on tour.

Hartnett says he was fired by the former Fugee before the tour was to start, but hasn't received a paycheck for his services already rendered. He's now suing Ms. Hill to get what he believes he's owed.

Hartnett is seeking $11,521.60 in monetary damages, which includes the unpaid wages and at least half of his touring contract. Ms. Hill's reps had no comment on the legal matter.

In other Lauryn Hill news, the rapper-singer has already booked several shows for 2018. On February 9 and 10, she will headline two concerts in sunny Hawaii. Ms. Hill will also perform at the St. Kitts Music Festival, which will take place June 27 to July 1.

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