October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and Woman With A Vision invites you to come out and light a candle at "A Rose Is Still A Rose" candle light vigil tonight (Oct. 20), at the Octavia's Center from 6:30 PM to 8 PM.

Vanessa Jackson-Fields, playwright and founder of Woman With A Vision is a domestic violence survivor, and she knows how important it is for victims to speak out and to have a support group. She explained to us the correlation between a rose and a domestic violence victim...

We need to look at the make-up of a rose. God made us all beautiful creatures. The thorns on the rose represent the abuse. Being abused can make you feel unworthy to even live. But even when the rose begins to whither, you can still smell its fragrance. I've learned that the fragrance is the Holy Spirit that lives inside us. The Spirit will give you the strength to survive the thorns of life. Keeping silent living behind the mask of abuse gives it (the thorn) more power over your life.

Guest speakers include: Regina Navarro, Adrianne Bell and Sharon Bell, all domestic violence survivors who are walking in victory and wanting to share that blessing with those wanting out. Tammee Harvey is also a guest speaker, and Mary Adele Phillips will perform.

Come out and and light a candle for a yourself, a loved one or anyone you know who was lost due to domestic violence, survived, or is currently still in the violent situation.


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