Lil Uzi Vert does not agree with the sentiment that his labelmate Jack Harlow is advancing because of White privilege.

On Sunday (May 30), TMZ caught up with Lil Uzi Vert in West Hollywood, Calif., where the rapper randomly happened to hop on the TMZ Celebrity Tour bus to mingle with fans. While flicking it up with excited passengers, Uzi was asked to assess whether Jack Harlow was becoming a big star due to his skin color.

"No. He's really good," Uzi replied.

When questioned again about the topic, Uzi doubled down on his answer.

"No, he doesn't have White privilege," the Eternal Atake rapper added. "He's signed to Black people, he's not White privilege."

Jack Harlow was the topic of discussion following the release of his new album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, with many people being unimpressed with the project. He also came under fire earlier this month when he could not answer a question about Brandy during a quiz on Hot 97's Ebro in the MorningEven Brandy took Jack's ignorance as a slight and dropped what appeared to be a diss song aimed at the Generation Now rapper.

"That don't mean jack in the streets/Jack of all trades, now I'm here jacking for beats/Queen's cancelled but you can never cancel a queen," she spits.

"Over 20 years and I am still a topic/A picture's worth a million now I'm feeling philanthropic," she rhymes later on in the track. "43 and feeling like a kid with millions watching/popular but now I'm poppin' shit for those out of pocket."

See Lil Uzi Vert shutting down the assertion that Jack Harlow has the advantage of White privilege below.

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