Things got heated during the final moments of the Legislative Session Thursday night. Some House members were scrambling to get a budget bill passed. Senators were gathered at the back of the room trying to influence what the lower chamber would do.

It got loud and Haughton Representative Dodie Horton turned around and asked the group to be quiet because she couldn’t hear the proceedings in the House.

That's when Senator Karen Carter Peterson got in Horton's face and told her to “Shut the f up!”

Several lawmakers witnessed this verbal assault.

KEEL News asked Horton about this confrontation and she told us:

Senators were standing in the back jeering and encouraging the black caucus to keep the craziness going. I turned around to ask them to be quiet and Carter Peterson told me to 'shut the f up'. In return, I told her she can not come into the house and tell me to shut up. She started to holler something when the other senators pushed her back and then they left.

Horton tells us Carter Peterson did send her a text message apologizing and she accepted that apology. We reached out to Carter Peterson and so far have not received a response.

The says some calling for the censure of Karen Carter Peterson. And if that demand is not met, they want to ban Senators from the lower chamber.

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