Well, it was bound to happen — Mariah Carey has executed a late-night TV interview from inside a bathtub ("This is real, this is water!").

Carey, who began the week interviewing in a lingerie ensemble on Live With Kelly ("Oh, my gosh, this is riding up," she lamented mid-interview), has closed it out bathing with Jimmy Kimmel in a formal sequined gown.

"This is amazing!" she marvels in the clip above after a standalone tub is unveiled stage right, but quickly considers the risks once properly submerged. "Hold on, this is going to foil my hair!"

Then, after being served champagne and fed grapes by a pair of shirtless waiters, Mariah and Jimmy get down to business amid bucketfuls of foamy lather. For example: is Mariah kicking Jimmy in "obscene places?" She isn't yet, but he encourages her to "feel free."

"I have heels on, so I'm trying to be whatever," she apologizes or threatens.

Next: Will Mariah marry billionaire husband-to-be James Packer in Las Vegas? Unlikely, as she's not partial to the idea of "one of the fake Elvises" officiating. Either way, there are more pressing matters to confront first.

"Can I have more bubbles?"

Watch the clip above, and tell us where you think the moment ranks among Mariah's many meme- and GIF-worthy moments. Also, if you're a fan of those, she insists there are plenty more to come from her forthcoming docu-series.

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