Meek Mill's lawyers are requesting that the rapper be released from jail immediately, citing an allegedly false testimony from a Philadelphia police officer during his 2008 trial.

Meek was arrested back in 2007 on drug dealing and gun possession charges, and late last year, was sentenced to two to four years after a parole violation. The sentencing sparked protests, with activists claiming Meek's sentencing was indicative of the reform needed in the criminal justice system as it pertains to the sentencing disparities and incarceration rates of black men.

In the months since Meek's arrest, his team has lobbed accusations of corruption at the judge as well as employees of the court, including one court employee who was eventually fired for asking the rapper for money.

Now, Billboard reports that Meek's original arrest from back in 2007 may've been compromised by corruption as well, and yesterday (Feb. 14), Mill's attorneys filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition, calling into question his original arrest.

According to a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office maintained a secret list of suspect police officers who could not be considered credible witnesses for months, and Reginald Graham, the sole testifying officer during Meek's 2008 trial, was on the list.

Based on what they say is a wealth of evidence against Graham, Meek's lawyers are now seeking the rapper's release on bond and a new trial, if the charges are not voluntarily withdrawn or dismissed.

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