Everybody says, OLE! Mexican Pizza is back at Taco Bell locations in Texarkana and nationwide.

The iconic Mexican pizza from Taco is back on the menu starting today May 19. As most of you know the popular Mexican favorite was on the menu for a long time but in 2020 Taco Bell announced that it would be taken off the menu. Immediately fans took to social media to show their displeasure. Taco Bell official's response was that it was the wasteful use of the boxes and the cost to maintain them that was ultimately the decision for the Mexican pizza to be pulled off the menu.

Fast forward to 2022, two years later, the Mexican pizzas are back with the same crispy shell, bean, or meat warm filling with three kinds of cheese, pizza sauce, and chopped tomatoes we all came to love. As for the taste, the verdict is still out on that one, I would give you my opinion but I haven't had one yet. You can also get the meatless version if you are a vegetarian.

Mario Garcia

What I'm wondering about is the Mexican pizza back to stay, or is it a marketing ploy like the Nacho Fries that come and go periodically throughout the year?

After an online petition garnered some 200,00 signatures from fans to bring it back, it's back for $4.99. By the way, the original pizza was created in 1985 and was called the "Pizzazz Pizza."

Country and Pop artists, Dolly Parton and Doja Cat will be promoting the pizza on a musical platform streaming on Tik Tok on May 26.

Head to your nearest Texarkana Taco Bell location today or get one at tacobell.com

Check out a story that Jess put up yesterday on Jon Pardi's wife who shares a perfect knockoff of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

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