It's something a lot of us kind of take for granted after you've been shooting guns for along time, cleaning that pistol. Some of us do it too often, some not often enough. Since a lot of us will spend time this holiday weekend at the range sending bullets downrange, let's make sure we're safe and operating a properly functioning weapon, that means a clean weapon . Whether you compete with a handgun, carry one on the job everyday, carry for self defense or just pull it out of the closet or safe to go to the range with it every now and then, you have to know how to properly take care of your handgun. That means cleaning it the right way.

Roy Huntington from American Handgunner Magazine has put together and fine collection of firearm videos including the one below that can teach you how to clean your modern semi-auto handgun efficiently and quickly. It shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes to do a good cleaning on your handgun. All you really need is a good rag, solvent, some Q-tips and maybe an old toothbrush. You can spend a bunch of money on cleaning products but before you do, watch this video.

I'll be the first admit this is not exactly the way I clean my handgun, but it's close and the results and time spent doing it are about the same as well.

Safe shooting is no accident, see you on the range.