My son Tyler and I stumbled into an eatery so good a couple of weeks ago,  I was compelled to share. Have you ever heard of Mooyah?

It's one of those names that's so silly you just have to check it out.

Mooyah... really?

Welcome to greasy burger heaven, what can I get for you today? OK, that's not what she really said, but it would have been pretty accurate. I am a carnivore, I like meat, and even though Mooyah offers turkey and veggie burgers on the menu, trust me when I tell you I have never been to any restaurant with the thought of trying a turkey or veggie burger. I'm sure they're good too.

Mooyah Burger
Jim Weaver
Mooyah Fries

Now let me tell about the greasy-goodness of a Mooyah beef patty burger. Foil wrapped hot off the grill, dripping with cheese and every other fixin you wanted on it. One bite I was transported back to one of my favorite places to eat when I was a teenager, Sam's Deli Diner in Houston. It's still there by the way.

But we can't stop there. Check out the bag-o-fries. It was actually two orders of fries, they come in cups. In this case two cups in the bag and the bag topped off so that it looked like a whole bags of fries! Notice the grease again? Those were some awesome fries.

Yes, we had to try one of the shakes as well, nothing fancy, just your everyday chocolate shake, so rich you had to order up some water to clear the palate. Mmmmm, chocolaty goodness.

There are quite a few locations around Texas, mostly in the Dallas and surrounding area. There are two in Arkansas so far, one in Little Rock the other in Hot Springs. If you're headed in those directions anytime soon you might want to give Mooyah a try. You can see all their locations at






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