Normani Kordei is part of one of the biggest pop acts in the world. And with such a large platform, the Fifth Harmony singer has the opportunity to talk about what she believes. And although some celebs may be hesitant to speak on the hot-button issues, Normani embraces the opportunity.

"I’m using my platform by speaking out," she told KODE, where she is also the cover star. "I feel as a public figure and someone that has an influence on millions and how they think and handle certain situations and act towards another human being, it is my responsibility to do so. I’m grateful and blessed to be able to have my opinions and thoughts on what’s going on and able to speak out about it whether people agree or not. It’s important to make it a conversation and not sleep but being awake and realizing the reality of what our world. Climate change is real. Racism is real. The violence is real. All of these things do exist. We have to know that we have power through our words and through a simple act of kindness that can change someone else’s life or be the difference between if they are here or not."


Kordei also called for gun control, especially after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas earlier this month.

"Devastations like the Las Vegas shooting really did hurt my heart," she said. "Nothing can prepare us for devastations as great as the these. I think what the world is in need of is fearless individuals to speak up on these matters like gun violence and that’s just what we do – which is something that we use our platform to do."

And this is why she's grateful for the Harmonizers. Not only does she, along with the rest of the group, call them family, but they also help her conquer her own insecurities.

"For me personally I struggle with letting people in which makes me appreciate our fans being able to talk about their insecurities and fears," she said. "It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face knowing I can be that light or that outlet. We hope to be remembered by our legacy. It’s an incredible honor being the biggest girl group in this decade but an even greater honor to make a difference through our music."

While she's riding high with Fifth Harmony, Kordei was also interested in other musical pursuits. Yes, that means some of her own solo work, and she recently hopped into the studio with Khalid.

"Khalid and I have been wanting to work together for some time," she revealed. "We actually got into the studio and were excited about a record we wrote together along with Taylor Parks. It was all one huge vibe session. We wanted to create something that our peers would fall in love with. I remember him telling me 'I want this to be my favorite record, if I were listening, I want it to be something I vibe with that's just dope,' which is something I relate to because I listen to our song every day. Issa vibe. But the greatest part of it all is that were genuinely two friends that created something special that were so proud of. We’re in two different countries on tour but we still text each other sometimes like, 'but that record though…' Haha. We're so excited!"

While she didn't say when that collab would drop, we can't wait to hear the final product. But in the meantime, you can read Kordei's full interview here.

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