We opened up the phone lines because we wanted to chat with Kidd Nation, we got to talk to one 5th grader who has a teacher named "Kelly Raspberry" and another listener who had some fun cop jokes for J-Si.

Part-Time Justin spent some time as a Surfing Instructor recently, really! I menan, what could go wrong?

We gave away even more money this morning with Beat the Bank! Unfortunately, Kailyn got locked inside the bank vault but Jessica won $550!

And, Elena showed up to work this morning in an eye patch so we talked to her, too!


We're not out of money yet! Beat the Bank continues tomorrow with your chance to win up to $1000. Make sure you're signed up on kiddnation.com and listen to the show when we announce the names at 7:20 and 8:20 CT!

We want to hear all about your #FirstWorldProblems so give us a call when we open up those

And, Harry Styles calls the show at 7:10 CT for a chat so don't miss that!


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