This year.. Let’s Make Moves Not Excuses!! It's hard to breathe life into a dream, when you're choking on excuses. Like I always say…. Don’t let NEXT January get here and ask you what you did with 2020, and you have nothing to show for it. Let's make this year count.  No excuses! 

Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I'm hard on me. I'm not gonna tell you something I haven't checked myself on a few times. When I find myself finding excuses NOT to do what I KNOW I need to be doing to further the progression of my goals, I refer to a poem I had to learn during my process of becoming an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman...

Excuses are monuments of nothing. They build bridges to nowhere. those who choose to use these tools of incompetence become matters of nothingness themselves.

Let losers make excuses… YOU MAKE MOVES, MY FRIEND!  

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