Throughout his career, Prince seemed to change his image as often as he changed his music. We're taking a taking a peek at his unique sense of style in the below gallery, which covers the years 1977-2016.

In his earliest days -- we've also found a few pictures of him from the mid-'70s -- he appeared to dress in the fashions common to African American men of the day, complete with a large Afro. But once he got signed to Warner Bros., he started projecting his own sense of style. He toyed with androgyny, most famously on the cover of 1980's Dirty Mind, wearing only a neckerchief, trenchcoat and black bikini briefs.

Then came fame, and with it more elaborate outfits, which helped define the look of the '80s. He remained partial to long coats, flared trousers and high heels, most likely to appear bigger than his reported 5'3" frame, and he also took a shining to ruffled shirts. As the years went on, he was frequently spotted in bright, monochromatic suits. And, of course, then there were the times where he wore nothing at all -- we're looking at you, Lovesexy album cover!).

You'l also see dozens of hairstyles, with everything ranging from closely cropped and sculpted to long hair to Jheri curls. In his last few years, he brought it full-circle by returning to the blowout Afro.

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