Red River Army Depot near Texarkana has some unfortunate news for some of their employees, they are going to be eliminating some jobs later this year.

The depot made public on their Facebook page, information that they had shared with workers at the plant:

Faced with decreasing workload requirements, Red River Army Depot (RRAD) notified employees of an impending reduction to contractor, temporary and term workforce. RRAD will need to reduce the contractor workforce by as many as 400 employees and up to 200 temporary and term government employees. The reductions are expected to begin in May 2018 and could result in additional releases in August.

Current and projected FY 2018 workload has decreased by approximately 1.3m direct labor hours compared to FY 2017. According to the release, the bottom line is that RRAD's workload is directly related to DoD requirements to support our soldiers.

The potential affected depot workers include employees supporting major production, inspection and support areas across the depot.

"A reduction in Army workload requirments forces us to make difficult business decisions,” said COL Jason A. Carrico, Commander for Red River Army Depot. “It affects the lives of our employees and their families. For those individuals who will be affected, this is not a negative reflection of your performance or your dedicated service to this installation. However, we must consider these actions to properly match our workforce to workload requirements.”

To assist our employees in the transition to other occupations and employers, RRAD will establish a Transition Support Center with assistance from the states of Texas and Arkansas. The intent of the center is to educate and assist each employee in understanding their rights and benefits and to take full advantage of all available resources in the community.

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