Hey, Texarkana if you love to fish then get ready for the Runnin' WJ Ranch Big Bass Roundup May 6-7, at Wright Patman Lake - Sportsman Cove.

Runnin' WJ Ranch Big Bass Roundup will have guaranteed money regardless of entries into the tournament. There will be a special Registration Roundup at Crossties on May 6, with food, silent auction, raffle tickets, and more.

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The tournament is slated for May 7, and the biggest bass takes home $5,000 with hourly cash prizes awarded too.

Here's the complete breakdown.


  • 1st - $5,000
  • 2nd - $2,000
  • 3rd - $1,000


  • 1st -$750
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 4th - $150
  • 5th - $100

Weigh-in Hours

9-10,10-11,11-12,12-1,1-2, 2-3

There will be two BONUS hours but you must buy a T-shirt to qualify for the bonus hours.

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Entry Fee - $80

T-Shirt $20

For more information on the Runnin' WJ Ranch Big Bass Roundup May 6-7, please contact Brittany Rogers at 903-748-3411 or brittany@runninwjranch.org

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You can also follow their Facebook page for updates and weigh-ins.

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