A hug is usually a good thing, but when it comes from a stranger? Maybe not!

In Missouri prosecutors are trying to decide to charge a guy for tricking women into hugging him. Yeah, strange right?

Thirty six women have come forward with complaints about this “serial hugger” saying:

Most of the women who have come forward called police in Des Peres, Mo. According to their reports, the alleged hugger typically approaches women while they are shopping by themselves, pretends to know them as a former neighbor, and then asks for a hug under the pretense that it is his birthday, Des Peres Detective Marshall Broughton said.

“He’d say, ‘Hi, remember me? I lived down the street in the corner house. How ya been?’” Broughton said. “Obviously [the women] didn’t remember him, but he did it so quickly and convincingly that they felt embarrassed that they didn’t know him.”

The 44 year old was questioned by police, then released.  Des Peres police are uncertain if his actions are criminal. Prosecutors are looking at pursuing third-degree assault charges.

By the way, this story made me think of Pepe Le Pew! I love Pepe Le Pew! This other guy not so much!

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