Did you hear when Caroline got Catfished this week? We have the video.
Senior Editor of Rotten Tomatoes, Grae Drake, joined the show to fill us in on a few of the movies out this weekend. Unfortunately she wasn't excited about any of them. You can hear what she had to say at kiddnation.com.

Grace was bullied throughout her years in school but she will graduate in a few months. Her mom wants to celebrate her accomplishment with professional senior pictures. So we made her dream come true!


Charlie XCX and Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, join the show!

I Have A Dream continues, let us know how we can make your dreams come true at kiddnation.com!

And, thanks to Party City, we're taking your little guesses, for the Big Game!

If you missed the last live show, load it up and listen right now at kiddnation.com.



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