So the other day I was listening to our sister station, Eagle 106.3, and I heard "Do You Feel Like We Do" by Peter Frampton and automatically I was taken back to my high school days. It's funny how you can hear a song on the radio and be rushed back to a different time and place and remember exactly what you were doing.

With that in mind, I am going to give you seven personal songs that bring back some great memories for me. Perhaps some of these songs had some sort of significance to you as well.

1. "Eight Days a Week" by The Beatles was a song that took me back to a time where some good friends and I would pretend we were The Beatles. Obviously, we were very young and had toy guitars as our instruments. But boy, those were the days.

2. "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent was a song that my buddies and I would party to for hours when I was in my late teens. We had some great parties back then but that's all I'm going to say about that.

3. "Best of My Love" by the Eagles is a song that takes me back to the early days of my radio career. I was in my young teens and started working in radio part time on the weekends while I was in high school. If I remember correctly, this song came out in the summer and it sure does bring back some great summer memories. It automatically makes me think of those warm, muggy nights of summertime.

4. "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell is a song that, whenever I hear it, reminds of spending summer with my Uncle Paul in Dallas. He sang a lot in karaoke bars and he took me to a recording studio in Dallas and recorded that song and gave me a copy for a keepsake. Little did I know at that time that would be my last time with my uncle as he passed away shortly thereafter.

5. "For The Good Times" by Ray Price. I can thank my parents for first introducing me to country music as a child. This is going to date me somewhat but I remember my father having a ton of country 8 track tapes back then and we would listen to Ray Price whenever we traveled out of town.

6. "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer. This was the era of disco whether you loved it or hated it. I played a little of it all in the late 70s and the hot spot to dance to it back in the day was a dance club called Village Square in Texarkana.

7. "Baby Come Back" by Player is a song that reminds me of the first girl I really had a crush on. We had some great times together!

There are countless other songs in my life that have brought me joy and songs that remind me of sad moments, too. But I have found that country music is the hardest music to listen to while you're going through a heartache.

I've had a love of music since I was a little boy. When I was 4 years old my Dad made me a small, red wooden record player. It had my name written on the front with gold glitter so maybe my father knew something I didn't know at the time -- that I would be playing music and entertaining listeners on the radio one day.

Jane Beckerdite, Townsquare Media

Which songs remind you of something special in your lifetime?