The deadly Las Vegas shooting that left 50 people dead and 200 injured has sparked a call for stricter gun control in America. Of course, this is a polarizing issue with gun owners defending their 2nd amendment right to own weapons and others demanding that assault rifles be banned altogether.

T.I., who used to be an avid gun owner until the Feds arrested him for owning illegal machine gun and silencers, talked about gun control with TMZ. When asked if assault rifles should be banned, the Atlanta rapper stood his ground on Americans upholding their 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

"To me, as long as the criminals have them, I think citizens should be able to have them," he said.

Tip added that there should be stricter screenings for those who want to own a gun. He even suggested that people who want to own a high-powered weapon to undergo extensive mental evaluations. "The same for those who want to run for president," T.I. quipped, in reference to President Donald Trump.

Check the video above.

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