A day after a video surfaced of King Harris getting into a heated argument at a Waffle House restaurant, T.I. said that he was perplexed by his son threatening the food establishment's employees.

T.I. hopped on Instagram Live on Saturday (May 28) and shared his thoughts on his son’s verbal altercation with employees at Waffle House.

“Of course, I spoke with my son. Me and his uncles,” he said. “We were perplexed by his necessity to go back-and-forth with the short-order cook. I didn’t understand why he felt he needed to stop what he was doing to engage someone who's at another level of life.”

Tip added that he told his son that he should avoid public confrontations like that and simply enjoy his life.

“I had to explain to him that when people are not living like the way they hoped they would live and here you [are] walking in enjoying so much freedom and luxury and, you know, people are going to posture themselves a certain way,” T.I. said. “So, therefore, you are going to have to enjoy your life. You have to remove yourself from that energy and go enjoy your life."

King Harris’ verbal dispute at the Waffle House happened earlier this month, but video of the incident went viral on Thursday (May 26). King himself filmed the incident via his Instagram Live.

King was visibly upset that his order had unwanted pickles on it, and he wanted a new order. When he went back to the Waffle House to get his order replaced, he appeared to get angry when the cashier told him he couldn't cuss in the restaurant. From there, things went downhill.

After arguing with the cashier, King got into an argument with another worker who didn’t like his erratic behavior. "My name is King. You know it and your mama know it," King shot back when asked his name.

When one worker suggested that he and King should step outside and throw hands, King stood up on the counter and boasted that he’s ready for fisticuffs. King eventually got his order redone, but before he left, he continued to taunt the Waffle House worker with threats to "pistol-whip him."

Hopefully, T.I. has convinced his son that his behavior at the Waffle House was inappropriate and unbecoming of a high school graduate with honors.

Watch T.I.'s son get into a verbal altercation with Waffle House workers below.

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