'Avatar' Sequels to Star Sigourney Weaver
Even though her character died in the first 'Avatar,' Sigourney Weaver has signed on to appear in 'Avatar 2,' 'Avatar 3' and 'Avatar 4.'But this isn't some resurrection nonsense, as James Cameron reveals she'll be playing someone new.
‘Avatar 4′ Will Be a Prequel Says James Cameron
About a week ago, we finally got the rundown on how many 'Avatar' sequels we were going to get. Today, James Cameron has spilled the beans on his longterm plans for the franchise: he's revealed that part four will be a prequel to the first film.
Avatar, the Next Ride at Disney
Avatar is coming to a Disney near you. The movie that grossed just shy of three billion dollars at the box office is going to be the next thrill ride at Disney. I dreamed about soaring around the world of Pandora and now it can be possible...