Taco Tico

Texarkana's Taco Tico to Open Thursday, October 25
This town is serious about their Taco Tico! Yesterday (Monday, October 22) they did a soft opening only through the drive-thru. But there was some confusion as it was only for family, employee families, close friends and business associates that have been involved in the process of getting…
When Will Texarkana's Taco Tico Open?
Just about everyone is ready for the return of Taco Tico to Texarkana. We all watched the construction on Texas Boulevard over the summer and we were hoping for it to open in September. So, the big question is: When will Taco Tico actually open for business?
Taco Tico Is Coming Back To Texarkana
I'll never forget my first Taco Tico experience. I was driving through Kenner, Louisiana, when a cousin who was very familiar with the restaurant, demanded we stop. I've been in love ever since, and the good news for me is that Taco Tico is making it's return to Texarkana