Child Services and Police Visit Laptop Shooting Father
Remember Tommy Jordan, the father who shot his teenage daughter's laptop when she dissed him and her mother on her facebook page? Well it was bound to happen, and I knew it would as soon as I saw the video, Mr. Jordan was paid a visit by Child Protective Services and the Police.
Aspiring YouTube Filmmakers, Watch and Learn
Have you ever wanted to know how they create all those special effects in the movies? You know they are shooting blanks, so how do they get all the stuff to look like it's being shot? How do you make a blood packet? How do you key out a green screen? Add backgrounds? Figure camera angles? Drivi…
Giant "Aww!" Heard Worldwide
Cute kids singing on YouTube are a dime a dozen. Usually these patooties, however, are polished little stage demons looking for fame. It’s true, admit it. But sometimes one comes along — like this darling who sings Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros tune “Home…