Have you ever thought to yourself, "Today I'd like to spend $7 on a generic, all-purpose greeting card featuring flowers and bows and vaguely-indicated branding, despite being very much part of a celebrity's branded collaboration"? You have? Well, good news! Taylor Swift's new card collection with Papyrus is here, and it's just what you've been (maybe) wishing for.

The singer has teamed up with the American Greetings-owned company on The Taylor Swift Collection, a line of products Taylor once glanced at briefly and mumbled her approval of while applying red lipstick Taylor-designed cards with such emotionally-stirring expressions as "You Are Actual Sunshine," "XO" and "Yay You!" (Brenda Song will see you in court.)

The stationary company confirmed the partnership on Instagram while responding to a fan's inquiry. They also ominously added that the collection, which currently features ten designs, is "just the beginning."

And while some of the cards don't necessarily reflect the artist's signature branding (flowers and perfume bottles and red balloons?), a handful of the designs — such as one featuring a cutesy illustration of a blonde, red-lipped beauty holding a cat that looks similar to the singer's own Meredith — do bear the pop star's touch.

See some of Taylor's whimsical card designs below.

If these charming designs don't make you want to spending hours on Pinterest planning crafts for your next birthday party or bridal shower, we don't know what will!

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