Great news for Texarkana Regional Airport. Not only are they building a second terminal but now they might have an idea about what airline will occupy that terminal.

Photo by Jaku Arias on Unsplash
Photo by Jaku Arias on Unsplash

Daily Flights to Houston Possible with Grant

The Texarkana Regional Airport has announced that they have received a grant for $884,722 will make daily flights to Houston a big possibility with a United Airlines partner.

Paul Mehrlich stated in a press release,

Houston, Texas is a top destination for travelers within our market, so we are thrilled that this new nonstop service will provide more travel options to take our passengers where they want to go. We hope this will also help companies based in Houston to see Texarkana as a place to expand.



If It Happens, It Won't Be Immediately

Don't get too excited just yet, this grant does not guarantee that these flights will start any time soon. United Airlines will have up to five years to use the funding. But, can you imagine? According to the press release, this one daily flight alone will connect Texarkana to 135 destinations that weren't available before. There are contract negotiations that will need to take place but what an amazing opportunity for Texarkana. Let the negotiations begin!

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