Ladies across the nation are bussin it and flaunting their positive body image and flexibility. lol But Texarkana has a true reason to lead the way in the #bussitchallenge. Here's why....

 First of all shout out to Dallas Texas' own Erica Banks for making a banger and what has now become a household thing, in addition to signing with Warner Records.
Banks announced on her Instagram page that the song debuts this week at No. 1 on the Hot 100 List.

 Everybody and their mama "bussin it" INCLUDING me! But we'll get to that in a minute.

What the heck is this "bussit challenge" and what are the ties to Texarkana. I'm so glad you asked.... Bussit is the new challenge that has taking over TikTok. Last year it was the "Don't Rush" challenge and "Savage" challenge. In 2021, we bussing it and Texarkana played a big role in that. Jeremy Sgt J Blackwell (whom I've never officially met) is the beat behind the bussit! He produced the beat that the nation is "bussing it" too!  CONGRATULATIONS, YOUNG KING!! I hope to catch up with him when he's in town. His brother, Ricky Blackwell *best known as* Sgt. B is a very close friend of mine and kinda like that cute lil brother you just wanna slap from time-to-time. LOL

So, if you haven't partaken in the bussit challenge, it's not too late. It's actually pretty easy... All it takes is two different looks (one a hot mess and the other a bad ass) some TikTok editing knowledge and good knees.
Below is my #bussitchallenge.

Posted by Jeremy Sgtj Blackwell on Sunday, January 17, 2021

Erica expressed her appreciation on Instagram to the young lady who came up with the challenge.

The trend took off from there.
Who is Erica Banks?

As stated earlier, she's from Dallas, Texas. She's an up and coming rapper who's had a love for poetry and rap since a child. In a statement, she shared...
“I was always performing in a school play or engaged in something athletic. I was always involved in something that would show off my talents.”

She shared in an interview that she initially didn't like the song once complete and that seeing it go viral feels unreal but exciting.

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