I love this time of year when you can go to a restaurant and sit outside on their patio for a bite to eat or have a few drinks with friends. This weekend looks like a perfect time to take advantage of the nice weather so I've made a list of the restaurants in Texarkana with great patio areas for outdoor dining.

Here is the list of 10 restaurants in alphabetical order with great outdoor patio dining. On the list, we have small patios, large patios, and covered or enclosed patios with big windows to open. All of them are great to enjoy this time of year!

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash
Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Amigo Jaun Mexican Cafe

Located at 4301 Morris Lane in Texarkana. Serving up old family favorites and their famous margaritas.

El Chico

Located at 420 Realtor Ave. Texarkana Ar. Mexican cuisine and their chips and hot sauce go great with their Cerveza Ritas.

Portrait of an african american woman eating pizza at outdoor restaurant

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

 Located off Stateline at 4849 Texas Blvd.  Here you and always get a tasty quick bite to eat and a cold beer.

Ironwood Grill

Located at 4312 Galleria Oaks in Texarkana Texas. Serving Great American Cuisine. Treat yourself to a dessert on their patio.


La Fogata Bar & Grill

Located at 3401 Genoa Road. Great Mexican cuisine and drinks plus live music Thursday thru Saturday.

Naaman's Championship BBQ

Located at 5200 North Stateline Ave. Serving up award-winning bbq and check out some of their specialty drinks.

couple drinking beer at outdoor bar

On The Border

Located at 4300 St. Michael Drive. A great place to watch the traffic go by and sip on a Rita while you visit with friends.

Redbone Majic Brewery

Located at 1304 Texas Blvd. Serving up pizza and burgers. Plus Brunch on Sundays.  Plus they have a ton of special brews to try. Can't decide? Get a Flight.



Silver Star Smokehouse

Located at 5205 West Park Blvd. Serving up BBQ, Burgers, Steak and more. it's got a great closed-in patio with big windows they open on pretty warm days.

Verona Restaurant and Wine Bar

Located at 212 East Broad Street in Texarkana, Ar. Serving up Italian Cuisine with the perfect little patio out front for people-watching downtown.

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