The City of Texarkana, Texas is hoping that residents will participate in a trash-off this weekend as part of the City-Wide cleanup efforts for this Spring.

I've said it before, the first impression when traveling through a city is how clean or not how clean it is. Nothing is more disappointing to me than to see trash scattered everywhere. It's about taking a little pride in your city.

With the cleanup this weekend, residents are reminded that one cubic yard of bulk waste can be placed on your curbside free of charge with waste and recycling carts that can be hauled off with normal weekly waste collection.

"We just hope to provide residents with a timely reminder that they can always put bulk waste at the curb, and it will be picked up with their trash," said, David Orr, Assistant City Manager.

According to Orr, there is an upcoming Community-Wide Yard Sale and Electronics Recycling event coming up in early May. The Chamber of Commerce has a new anti-litter campaign that is also in the works. The reminder for residents is that they can always put bulk waste at the curb to be picked up with their trash.

One cubic yard of bulk waste is the equivalent of the addition of two of the 96-gallon waste carts or an item the size of a sofa, large chair, or washing machine.

Those needing to remove an amount of bulk waste exceeding the one cubic yard allotment can make arrangements for the removal of such items by contacting Waste Management at (903) 794-4111 to schedule a pick-up and make payment arrangements.

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