When you go to a Sandals Resorts, it's truly a luxury included vacation! Yes, the resorts are beautiful, but it's the staff that really sets Sandals Resorts high above the rest.

If you know me, then you know I appreciate customer service. I fell in love with Sandals Resorts a few years back. I've been to quite a few of their locations. From St. Lucia to Jamaica to Antigua, then back to Jamaica and St. Lucia again!  Each time I have been blown away at the staff and how wonderful they are. From the maids to the bartenders, the waiters and waitress to the front desk and the managers! Everyone is there with a smile on their face ready to answer your questions and make sure you're having a wonderful time.

I really can't put into words how wonderful the staff at all Sandals Resorts are, but I can say that they put a smile on your face and are truly special!

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