I love the mysteries of the little blue planet we call Earth. Land, sea, sky, it doesn't matter, they all fascinate me. My curiosity grows even more when we start thinking that maybe we really are not alone in the Universe. I firmly believe that we are not, as to whether or not they are visiting us is a whole other matter. This video just might make some of you skeptics squirm a little bit (John Williams). Watch it with an open mind, take a closer look at the vast possibilities of an ever expanding Universe in which there is no mathematical way we are alone.

Quick thoughts on the video below:

  • It is not human.
  • Just because your not human doesn't automatically mean you're from another planet.
  • Who's to say this race of beings didn't exist here on Earth in the remote past?
  • Are their more buried in the same area?
  • Ancient art from that area seems to be loaded with 3-fingered people.

So the big questions:

Do you believe we are alone in the Universe?

Do you believe this is a real humanoid creature?

Does it mess with your Christian beliefs to think there may be others in the Universe besides us? By the way, it doesn't mess up my Christian beliefs at all.

Do you think it's all a bunch of hooey?

Do you still need more convincing or are you there now?

Let us know below in the comments.


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