The Weeknd's new After Hours album dropped on Friday (March 20), and contains 14 songs and no guest appearances. However, the XO artist released five bonus tracks on Monday (March 23), and one features none other than Lil Uzi Vert.

Vert appears on the new version of "Heartless," officially known as the "Vapor Wave Remix." Abel's verse stays the same, but Uzi flies in with a new addition, rapping about leveling up.

"She got me confused, I swear she got me mixed up (Woah)/I don't need you, girl, so I don't care if I slip up," Uzi raps over the Dre Moon, Illangelo, Metro Boomin and Weeknd-produced track. "Yes, I swear I'm heartless, more life for my wrist up/She rob me for my love, I feel like this a stick-up (Freeze)/Yeah, it's Lil Uzi from the 16/Grade-A bank account, you know I'm with the A-Team/Went up in my level, don't know why they hate me/I knew I was gonna be this way since 18."

Uzi is fresh off his Eternal Atake album being crowned the No. 1 LP in the country on the Billboard 200 chart for the second week in a row. The Weeknd's After Hours album is expected to replace EA in the top spot when the new chart listing is announced next week. It is projected to move a whopping 400,000 equivalent album units.

Listen to The Weeknd's new track featuring Lil Uzi Vert below.

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