We’re quick to spend time in a fight with people… when the biggest fight…. The most important fight you’ll ever fight in this lifetime is in your mind. If we took the same warrior spirit to our minds that we take to fight with folks… folks that don’t hold our future… folks who have nothing to do with your purpose.. We would be a force to reckon with. Because here's the thing... if you can whoop it in your mind, you can whoop it in your checkbook. You can whoop it on the job giving you hell. See the enemy is not after that car you struggling to pay for…. Nor that job that’s giving you hell. He can’t drive. He can’t work He’s after your MIND! Your mind is the place of conception. YOUR MIND is where you conceive your baby... your dream… your destiny… your next best move.

So focus on winning that battle in your head…. Because the enemy knows if he can get your mind… baby, he got you!

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