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You can't cure what you won’t confront. 

You may as well stop running from what you know deep down you need to deal with, but don’t wanna to deal with. Two things I've learned that you can’t run from in this life: 1.  You can’t run from yourself. 2. You can’t run from your problems. They will always find you! Trust me, I know! I’ve tried. 

Here's the thing... There will always be things in life that will make you uncomfortable. As soon as you get mad, you wanna quit. Money get a lil funny… you wanna throw the whole plan away.  Are you gonna run all your life? Or will you stand up, confront and conquer it. One thing I’m 100% certain of, is this: You’ll never figure out who you are… you’ll never know your purpose…. You’ll never know your own power if you always run from what challenges you.  Might as well face it. Might as well stand up to it. It ain't going no where!

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